About Us

About Us

¿What is

Reserve Forest la Tigra?

Reserve Bosque La Tigra is a project of conservation, research, and training that allows undertaking in a model of sustainable community development, using the management of the biodiversity as the main active generator of new sources of employment and Economic growth of the Tigra community.

It is intended to recover an area of 32 hectares which were used for many years for agricultural and livestock activities.

Bosque La Tigra currently has open areas, regeneration areas such as shrublands and pastures as well as secondary forest and mature forest.

Where is it located?

It is located next to the largest private reserve in Costa Rica; The Eternal Forest of the Children. Tigra, in the province of Alajuela just 35 minutes from the Fortuna of San Carlos, Arenal volcano.

In addition, it is positioned in a strip of altitudinal vegetation that still includes the typical very humid tropical forest, for its location we can find species of average elevations between 1000 and 2000 m that increase the diversity of the site, therefore the protection of this forest is of utmost importance for the study and research of these species.

Thanks to our reserve retrieving efforts we are building a biological corridor between the reserve of the eternal Forest of the children and the forest already existing in the Tigra rainforest Lodge which has 8 additional hectares of forest, in addition they will unite Lowland forest areas in the vicinity of the San Ramón Crikes sector.

We currently have the support and backing of the GIZ (Agency for German Cooperation) as well as tourism companies where we can highlight Travel to Nature as one of the main collaborators in the project.

¿What are the main objectives of

Reserve Forest la Tigra?

Recover and protect the entire reserve, we are implementing a mixed recovery system where we plant trees of native and endangered species. The plantations are assisted for a period of 3 years, and when they meet this period, continue with the natural cycle of a secondary forest in regeneration, allowing other species to compete with the trees planted in a natural way.

Promote Bosque La Tigra Reserve as a model site of sustainable community development in Costa Rica, through the administration and management of biodiversity sustainably and responsibly.

Turn this reserve into a center of interactive learning and training where we will be able to give constant training to the inhabitants of the area of La Tigra and surroundings, in fields related to the sustainable tourism community, environmental education and protection of the natural resources.

Investigation on natural resources, we currently have an initial inventory of flora and fauna that will serve as a reference and to measure the results in the increase of the biodiversity of our project, over time. Besides, we maintain constant monitoring through our traps, to document the rise of activity in the reserve.

We invite you to be part of this challenge and put your grain of sand in the conservation of our planet.