Preserving & Educating

Preserving & Educating

Forest Reserve La Tigra is born from the need to connect the existing forest in La Tigra Rainforest Lodge and the largest private reserve in Central America, the eternal Forest of children. And we want to achieve the exchange of relevant and endangered species of low areas of forest in the surroundings of the sector of Los Crikes of San Ramón.

Each of the following programs was designed to contribute to the conservation and development of the reserve residents Bosque la Tigra.

If you are interested in making or being part of any of our programs, do not hesitate to contact us.

Educationn & Training

La Tigra Forest Reserve is committed to the community in developing training and talks, to raise awareness about sustainability, environmental education, and environmental protection.
It is also important to mention that together with the INA (National Learning Institute) we will provide training on various topics related to the reserves to promote new sources of employment and opportunities in the area.
We can mention that our project aims to form certified tour guides, where both training and practice can be developed in our facilities under the supervision and support of the INA. Besides, the proximity to one of the most important tourist destinations of Costa Rica as La Fortuna, allows us to offer new opportunities not only to the settlers of the zone.


The reforestation program in La Tigra Reserve is the vehicle for the project to finance its investments, as it also covers its operating and maintenance expenses. That is why the contribution of a tree to the project not only supplies to the protection of the forest, but it is also a great economic contribution for a family of the community. The reforested areas will have a maintenance of 3 years and then develop naturally.

We are currently planting Cirrí and Tostado trees.


Forest Reserve La Tigra will have a laboratory with available equipment for conducting different investigations. Be part of some developing research or do your study in our facilities.
Both research and volunteering can be quoted as half-day activities or several days.
We will be able to receive you in our facilities and to guarantee a unique experience. For the development of specific projects and requests do not hesitate to contact us.